Types of Higher Education: Private
A l a m a t: JN. R.E. Inhale No.150 Ciamis, West Java 46 251
Phone: 0625-776787, 771 955
F a x: 0625-771955
Rector Name: Drs. H. Idit Suhendi
Brief History

Date Established: March 8, 1988
Founder: Galuh Education Foundation

The forerunner of this university is far IKIP Bandung class, with three faculties: the Faculty of Education, Teacher Training Faculty of Social Sciences, and Faculty of Literature and Art Teacher Training. Bandung IKIP extension program was closed four years later, because the prohibition of the Rector of the Teachers' Training College in Bandung to open the extension programs in the area. Since then, higher education in the vacancy occurs until the tahun1978 Ciamis, when the Education Foundation established IKIP Galuh Galuh Ciamis. Teachers' Training College was converted into a High School Education Workforce (STTK) Galuh. In 1983, the foundation also established the university, the University Galuh. Further development in 1988, universities and high schools were combined into the University Galuh with six faculties.


Number of Students Today: 4290
Number of Lecturer: 244
Number of Graduates Lecturers S2: 28
Number of Graduates Lecturers S3: Doctor 3, Professor 12
Campus Size: 120 000 m2
Library Collections: 12 966 titles; 38 225 copies
Laboratories: There are

Other Facilities: Institutions peneliitian, space for student activities, sports field (term * censor * k swimming pool), mosques and so forth.

Study Program

Study Program:
Faculty of Teacher Training and Education
Department of Language and Arts Education: - Education Studies Program and the Regional Language of Indonesian Literature (S1-Accredited-B-1999); - English Education Study Program (D3-Accredited-B-1999)
Department of Education Social Sciences - Economics Education Studies Program Special Expertise (S1-Registered-1998); - Accounting Education Studies Program (D3-Accredited-C-1999); - Education Studies Program History (S1-Accredited-B-1999 )
Department of Natural Science Education - Biology Education Studies Program (S1-Accredited-B-1999)
Department of Sports and Health Education: - Physical Education Studies Program, Health and Recreation (Registered-1998-S1)

Faculty of Economics
Management Programs: - Program Management Studies (S1-Registered-1998)
Accounting Department: - Program of Accounting Studies (S1-Registered-1998)

Faculty of Agriculture
Social Programs in Agricultural Economics (Agribusiness): - Social Studies Program of Agricultural Economics (Agribusiness) (S1-Registered-1998)
Department of Agronomy - Agronomy Study Program (S1-Registered-1998)
Department of Animal Husbandry - Animal Study Program (D3-Registered-1998)

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Department of Public Administration - Public Administration Studies Program (S1-Recognized-1998)
Department of Social Welfare: - Social Welfare Study Program (S1-Registered-1998)

Faculty of Law - Legal Studies Program (Recognized-1998-S1)

New Student Registration
T e s: Test the sensor * m * k

Tuition: The money of development, money practicum, SPP.


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